Keith Prather – 5th grade

  • St. Michael School teacher: 10 years
  • Elementary Teacher for 20 years
  • Colleges attended: BA Elementary Education – Marietta College, OH; Masters of Education – Cal State – San Bernardino, CA.

Married to Sally. Has three children. Resident of Penn Yan since 1998. He enjoys golf, running, reading, word/math puzzles, outdoors, sports, spending time with family and friends.

Community involvement: President Penn Yan Youth Baseball and Softball; Board Member Penn Yan Jr. Mustangs Football; Head coach numerous youth sports teams; Bus Driver – Sunday mornings church route; Member Moose Club; Community Activist: Christmas for the Needy; CROP walk leader St. Michael School; YCRR supporter.

Grade 5 Newsletter – Week of 5/8-5/12

Math- We will be working on time this week. Many of the students are unsure when using quarter in their time.

ELA- Students have been assigned a compare and contrast essay that is due on Monday.

**Independent reading- Has your child read 25 chapter books this year? I have checked their list each grading period. They need to write down the name of the book, author and get your signature. That’s it.

Religion- We will finish the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. Then, we will complete a chapter on Mary.

Science- Students will do an interesting 2 week unit on the environment. Congratulations to Mia and Landon who hit home runs on their science test this past week! I am a little disappointed with the rest of the class for not doing as well on it. It feels like they didn’t use the study guide to prepare for it.

Social Studies- Students have been assigned an Act from the Colonial time period. They have to create a political cartoon showing why the ACT was unfair to colonist and then, write a 1-2 minutes speech as if they were a colonist demanding the act be repealed. In their speech, they should tell why the act is unfair and what actions we as colonists should take.
**Test on Thursday** Study guide going out today.

Have a good week!

Mr. Prather