JoAnne Coutlee – Kindergarten teacher

  • St. Michael School teacher: 19 years
  • Previously: Physical Education teacher, Taught grades 3 & 5
  • Colleges attended: Springfield College – BS in Community Leadership and Development; Montana – BS in Education Pre-K-6, and in PE Pre – K – HS; Keuka College – MA Childhood Education.

I traveled with my husband all over the world as he was in the Air force. I lived overseas in Turkey and Italy for two years at each place. I have two grown children and a wonderful husband named Jeff. I teach Zumba Fitness three times weekly and am passionate about singing. I belong to the Seneca Soundwaves Chorus.

Kindergarten News

Saint Michael School
Classroom Times
Kindergarten News
Sunday, Feb. 10, 2019
JoAnne Coutlee

New News:
The prayer leader/reader for this Friday is Ada.

New sight words – this, do, play

Creation station – gumdrop and tooth pick creations

Author study – Eric Carle

Introduced to the letters R and S

Our Valentine party will be on Thursday at 2:15. Our room parent, Mrs. Tette may
contact you for a donation. Here are the children in the class for Valentine cards.
Please make one for each child in the class. It would be great handwriting practice
for your child to do some of the writing on the cards.


We will be making cards for our friends at Saint Mark’s Terrace and the Homestead this week.

I am sad to say that Emily will be moving to West Virginia. Her last day at school
will be Friday 2/15. We will miss her very much. Most of the children made cards
for her last Friday. A few children went home early on Friday so they will make
Emily a card this week.

Feb. break starts on Sat. 2/16 through Sunday 2/24. We return to school on Monday 2/25.

If we do not have any snow days to change the plan the 100th day will be on
Tuesday 2/26. We do a lot of special activities on that day. One thing we do is ask
each child to bring in a collection of 100 items or make something with 100
objects for the 100th day museum. It can be as simple as 100 macaroni pieces on a
necklace. I wanted you to think about it over the break. I will be away at a mandatory Kindergarten teacher meeting in Rochester on the 26th so Miss S. will
be subbing.

Curriculum News:
Religion – Hail Mary prayer, Promise magazine
Social Studies – President’s Day
Math – new unit on weight, length, and capacity
Reading – reading groups meet, poetry unit, sight words do, this, play, letters R
and S
Science – introduce Bridget the grow alligator for living/non-living unit

On Tuesday 2/12 from 9-12 Mrs. Tette

If anyone would like to attend and or help at the Valentine party at 2:15 on Thursday let me know.