JoAnne Coutlee – Kindergarten teacher

  • St. Michael School teacher: 18 years
  • Previously: Physical Education teacher, Taught grades 3 & 5
  • Colleges attended: Springfield College – BS in Community Leadership and Development; Montana – BS in Education Pre-K, grade 6, and in PE Pre – K – HS; Keuka College – MA Childhood Education.

I traveled with my husband all over the world as he was in the Air force. I lived overseas in Turkey and Italy for two years at each place. I have two grown children and a wonderful husband named Jeff. We own a family business – Coutlee & Sons Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. I teach Zumba Fitness three times weekly and am passionate about singing. I belong to the Seneca Soundwaves Chorus.

Kindergarten News

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Kindergarten News
Sunday, June 18, 2017
JoAnne Coutlee


New News:

Happy Father’s Day!

Monday 6/19 – Field Day – Please send your child to school with a towel, sunscreen, and a change of clothes. Many of the field day games involve water. Your child was assigned to a team by color, so please try to dress them in their team color.  A hot dog lunch will be provided. If your child is not fond of hotdogs please send them to school with a lunch from home.

Tuesday 6/19 – A regular school day except at 1:30 we have the talent show in the church hall.

Wed. 6/20 – Last day of school for students.

Moving Up Day

Yearbook signing

I am using every free moment to complete final assessments for reading levels and report cards. I am working with Lucas now, and I still have to complete Ella, Piper, and Will by Wed.

The Stork family won the bike that was raffled off at the Bike the Bluff. Hooray!

A big thank you to Mrs. Benedict (Jolie’s grandmother) and Mrs. E Stork for spending the day at the K picnic as volunteers last Thursday. Mrs. Stork did some yoga activities with the children when we had to be inside due to the rain.

Please continue to send the children to school with their home folders daily. There may be things sent home all the way to Wed as I clean out the room.

The teachers have mandatory professional development days in Canandaigua on 6/22 and 6/23. The following week we have to clean and pack up our rooms. Our report cards must be completed by the 28th. They will be sent to you shortly after that.

Thank you for a great year. I appreciate the support I received from each family in the class. Thank you for all the end of the year gifts I received. I treasure the photo of the children. It is already on the wall at home. If the children would like to stay in touch over the summer I would love to hear from them by letter, text, e mail, or a phone call.

Parent Helpers for this week:

Monday 6/19 – field day volunteers report to Mrs. Mattison on the playground.

Tuesday 6/20 – 1-3 Mrs. Saner

Wed. 6/21 – 9 – 12 Mrs. Webber

I have had terrific parent volunteers in the classroom this year. They have been reliable and been an important part of your child’s learning experience.

On Mondays we had Mrs. Sue Stork who is not a parent of any of our students, but is a huge supporter of our school.

On Tuesdays we had Mrs. Tette in the morning and Mrs. Saner was our art helper and worked Tuesday afternoons.

On Wed mornings we had Mrs. Webber.

Mrs. Boutard-Hunt was our Thursday helper for most of the year, and Mrs. Hopkins was our Friday helper. She sometimes worked a night shift and came right from work to help in the classroom.

Mrs. E. Stork was our room parent who helped arrange treats for parties etc.

This is an amazing group of women. I can’t thank you enough.