JoAnne Coutlee – Kindergarten teacher

  • St. Michael School teacher: 19 years
  • Previously: Physical Education teacher, Taught grades 3 & 5
  • Colleges attended: Springfield College – BS in Community Leadership and Development; Montana – BS in Education Pre-K-6, and in PE Pre – K – HS; Keuka College – MA Childhood Education.

I traveled with my husband all over the world as he was in the Air force. I lived overseas in Turkey and Italy for two years at each place. I have two grown children and a wonderful husband named Jeff. I teach Zumba Fitness three times weekly and am passionate about singing. I belong to the Seneca Soundwaves Chorus.

Kindergarten News

Saint Michael School
Classroom Times
Kindergarten News
Sunday, Nov. 18, 2018
JoAnne Coutlee

New News:
Due to the short school week we will not have a student of the week until we
return from the Thanksgiving break.

Report cards will be sent home on Monday 11/16.

Thanksgiving break is from Wed. 11/21-Sunday 11/25.

On Monday 11/19 and Tuesday 11/20 we will do all of our Thanksgiving activities
at school.
– We will make Thanksgiving cards for seniors at Saint Marks Terrace etc.
– We will make our costumes for our Thanksgiving feast on Monday. I had
planned on doing this today, but Mother Nature had other plans.
– On Tuesday we will have our K Thanksgiving feast.
On Tuesday we will also do a Thanksgiving math patterning activity.

Information on the feast:
I had planned on sending an informational note home in the home folders today,
so I decided to send out the newsletter sooner than usual to give you more time
to get your item. If each family could donate the items listed below we should be all set for Tuesday.

Mrs. Coutlee – 2 or 3 turkey rolls, butter, salt, pumpkin pie spice, anything else we
don’t have on Tuesday
Ada – 3 white potatoes
Miranda – 3 white potatoes
Aniella – 3 white potatoes
Hayden – 3 white potatoes
Colton – 1 gallon cider
Alayna – 3 white potatoes
Liam – fruit for fruit salad – can be canned like pineapples or any fresh fruit like
apples, bananas, grapes etc.
Levi – fruit for fruit salad
Cayden – fruit for fruit salad
Portia – fruit for fruit salad
Sky – 3 large boxes of instant vanilla pudding
Henry – 1 quart of whole milk
Claire – graham crackers (1 box)
Emily – one can solid pack pumpkin, paper cups

I have two parent helpers for the feast Mrs. Tette, and Mrs. Kiley Campbell. We
will start the food preparation after Father Leo leaves at 10:45.

Show and Tell Schedule for next week:
On Monday – Ada, Miranda, Aniella, Hayden, Colton, Alayna, Liam,
On Tuesday – Levi, Cayden, Portia, Sky, Henry, Claire, and Emily

In case I don’t get to see everyone before Thanksgiving I wish you a wonderful family holiday. I feel so blest to work with such great kids and nice families.