JoAnne Coutlee – Kindergarten teacher

  • St. Michael School teacher: 19 years
  • Previously: Physical Education teacher, Taught grades 3 & 5
  • Colleges attended: Springfield College – BS in Community Leadership and Development; Montana – BS in Education Pre-K-6, and in PE Pre – K – HS; Keuka College – MA Childhood Education.

I traveled with my husband all over the world as he was in the Air force. I lived overseas in Turkey and Italy for two years at each place. I have two grown children and a wonderful husband named Jeff. I teach Zumba Fitness three times weekly and am passionate about singing. I belong to the Seneca Soundwaves Chorus.

Kindergarten News

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Sunday, December 10, 2017
JoAnne Coutlee


New News:

I have one final parent teacher conference with the Hines family tomorrow at

Monday 12/11 is an early dismissal day.

On Friday Dec. 15 th each child will decorate a graham cracker house. If each family could send in some candy or whatever you think would go well on a graham
cracker house we will have enough for the graham cracker houses and cookie
decorating too.
For example:
Necco wafers – great for roofs
Gumdrops – great for decorative touches and fences
Marshmallows – mini or larger ones
Hershey kisses etc.

We will hold our Christmas party and cookie decorating in the afternoon on Friday
12/22. Mrs. Webber may be contacting you to donate for the party.

Dec 20th – Christmas concert 6:30 in church. The Science fair will follow in church hall.

Dec. 21 st – Robin Hood play

Tip for manger animal costume – I was talking with Mrs. Green from the library.
She was a theater major in college and specialized in costuming. She said an easy
way to make a costume is to start with a plain baseball cap as a base. Then attach
by sewing or hot glue ears/a nose etc. on the baseball cap. If anyone is desperate
let me know. I think I have a fabric mask of a cow that we could modify and use
for the play.

I enjoyed meeting with each family to discuss your child’s progress.

Helpers this Week:
On Monday 12/11 from 9-11:45 Mrs. Stork – half day
Tuesday 12/12 – no helper
Wed. 12/13 – 9-11:30 Mrs. Webber
Thursday 12/4 no helper this week
Friday 12/5 – Mrs. Tosto