JoAnne Coutlee – Kindergarten teacher

  • St. Michael School teacher: 19 years
  • Previously: Physical Education teacher, Taught grades 3 & 5
  • Colleges attended: Springfield College – BS in Community Leadership and Development; Montana – BS in Education Pre-K-6, and in PE Pre – K – HS; Keuka College – MA Childhood Education.

I traveled with my husband all over the world as he was in the Air force. I lived overseas in Turkey and Italy for two years at each place. I have two grown children and a wonderful husband named Jeff. I teach Zumba Fitness three times weekly and am passionate about singing. I belong to the Seneca Soundwaves Chorus.

Kindergarten News

Saint Michael School
Classroom Times
Kindergarten News
Sunday, Sept. 9, 2018
JoAnne Coutlee

New News:
Miranda is the Student of the Week!
Liam and Claire are shoe tying helpers. They can tie their shoes!

We will be going to the Apple Barrel on Wed. Several parents have volunteered to come as chaperones. You can ride the bus with us from school. We leave at 9:15, or you could drive over and meet us at the orchard. Let me know if you will be traveling with us by bus.

Many of the children have an older pair of alternative shoes at school. The grass will be wet at the orchard on Wed. So we will wear our older shoes. We will change back into our school shoes when we return to school. Please be sure your child has alternative shoes at school by Wed.

Library books are due each Thursday.

There will be a school mass on Friday 9/21 at 11:00. All are welcome to attend.

Curriculum News:
Computer – The children will be introduced to Moby Max this week.

In ELA we have begun our first story entitled Where is Home Little Pip? Ask your child to tell you what the story is about. We have begun learning about story elements. The first element we learned about was characterization. Ask your child who the characters are in Where is Home Little Pip?

Science – We will be studying our sense of hearing starting tomorrow. Our caterpillars have begun to form their chrysalises.

Math – We learned the word “sort” last week, will continue sorting items by size, shape, and color.

Assessments – We begin our I ready baseline test today in ELA. This test is given on the computer. We are required to give this test three times per year to gather data about growth in learning.

Religion – We will start using our Promise magazine this week. It is tied to the Sunday readings the children will hear in church.

Social Studies – We continue working on our All About Me books.

Art – On last Friday we made apple prints.

Helpers this week:
On Tuesday 9/18 from 9-12 Mrs. Tette
On Wed 9/19 from 9:15 10:45 for the field trip several volunteers